After several years away from it, I return to the wonderful world of travel and hospitality. Allow me to explain… 

In my ‘ first life’ I worked in the travel and hospitality industry, for 18 years actually, and I loved it. I met so many interesting people and visited so many magical places. About 5 years ago I wanted a changed so decided to pursue my love of interior design and opened my own business as an Interior Decorator, something I still to do this day and love it. No regrets, but I still love travel and had the idea of combining my two passions through my blogs. Here, I can talk about both design and travel and introduce you to beautiful places and hotels.

In today’s blog I’m taking you to the VH Atmosphere Hotel located in Playa Dorada, in the Dominican Republic, where I recently had the pleasure of visiting


The hotel is aptly named, as the overall ambiance – the ‘ Atmosphere’ – grabs you as soon as you enter the lobby and are welcomed by the friendly and efficient staff. The overall design and decor of the hotel – by the renowned Architect and designer Sara Garcia – is a perfect blend of Caribbean-style and contemporary, with touches of Victotian history of Puerto Plata.  It is tasteful, relaxing and chic, the perfect surroundings for your tropical vacation.

One design detail that I really loved was the  floor in the reception area and main dining room: beautiful, unique encaustic tiles


You’re immediately welcomed with smiling faces and a tranquil atmosphere

El Lago Buffet 

My friend Carl and I enjoyed an excellet meal here. There was a wide variety of excellent choices at the buffet ( I think Carl tried a little of everything!) with seafood, meats, salads, breads, desserts- everything fresh and delicious, and something for everyone.


Victoria Garden 

A la carte rstaurant, Caribbean Fusion menu

The view of the mountain, Isabel de Torres, looming over the landscape, is breathtaking 

The rooms

Junior Suite 

Superior Room 

If only I could have spent a few days here! The decor was inviting, relaxing and you immediately notice how flawlessly clean



The beach is a 5 minutes walk from the hotel through landscaped grounds, or if you’re feeling especially relaxed, you can take the mini bus

Beach Club Restaurant

I hope you’ve found this reading enjoyable and were able to get a virtuel sense of this Caribbean vacation spot

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, I’m happy to share any information I have

A big thank to my friend Spyros, and Vilma for inviting myself and friend to spend such a lovely day at their property.

Leanr more: VH Atmosphere resort 

Designer: Estudio Sarah Garcias

Photographer: Thiago Dacunha

Some pictures: Martine Design

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