This apartment in Santa Caterina, Spain is done in the industrial style and is quite sublime. I love the idea of ​​the inner greenhouse garden that separates the kitchen from the door of the bedroom creating a jungle feel to complement the stark industrial look, the idea continues to divide the bedroom from the bathroom … In the kitchen I love the old cement tiles, cabinets and large aged wooden table. I am a fan of black accessories and here I find that they are well balanced with suspensions, chairs, and metal a cabinet that works together to achieve the perfect industrial flavor. In the lounge the idea of ​​flash colors are used in just the right dose for my taste, it gives it a successful atmosphere. In the bedroom I love the continuity of the jungle wall creating an atmosphere so zen, it is quite perfect…

I hope it will please you and keep your imagination going!

Verrière intérieur

Cuisine style industriel


Colored living room


Chambre avec verrière


Design bathroom


salle de bain avec verière 2

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Picture: Victor Hugo