Today I will take you to Wofford Heights in US, to a house designed by Hunter Leggitt Studio. It is perfectly to my taste, very spacious and with the rich look of raw materials which is very natural and crafty, it charms me completely; the large wooden terrace, the wood ceilings not to mention the magnificent wooden counter of the bathroom and the shower tiles, I love everything about this house!

The architectural firm Hunter Leggitt Studio spent 12 months designing and building this custom home near Lake Isabella, CA. Seven apprentice students in architecture helped with the construction. This project was a new experience for the Hunter Leggitt Studio by combining this project with intensive education and apprenticeship. This house consists of only 1,090 sq. ft. but is a real haven of peace in the beautiful desert.

1 Wofford Heights510-Cabin-02-850x660

2 510-Cabin-06-850x567

3 510-Cabin-04-850x567

5 510-Cabin-09-850x1274


4 510-Cabin-13-850x567

7 510-Cabin-15-850x1274


Picture via HomeDSGN