Already the 2016 season is fast approaching, do you have a property you would like to rent? Is it ready? I take this opportunity to give you some advice for your property to make it inviting and warm.

The first impression is the most important since the majority of customers pre-select their properties via the Internet,. The photos are the essential first step to attracting them through your door. It is therefore very important to present your property in the right way. Your property must be irresistible and welcoming for your future client. Besides, I often have the opportunity to visit the apartments, house, etc … that have a lot of potential and even with a minimal budget I could create a warm and inviting place for your future customer or even for yourself. It will definitely increase the maximum rental price or sale and it is for this reason that in recent years I created the makeover service for those who want to take their property and enjoy it to the maximum; a satisfied customer will come back or refer you future business!

You will see that in these photos makeover of every situation is different and that each customer has unique needs. I always try to reuse what the client already has to the maximum. Martine Design guarantees that your home will be optimized for rental or resale and you will get the best return on your investment. I offer services for inhabited houses, vacant, condos, etc.

It has been 9 years now that Martine Design helps you increase the value properties to rent or sell faster at better prices.

Here are some good tips for your real estate to be up-to-date and always in demand.

Unlike decorating, you must depersonalize the property itself, it as to be as neutral as possible to appeal to a wider clientele. Whether it’s for vacation rental or for a purchase offer the principle remains the same. Every situation is different, but normally it is not necessary to do major renovations, the idea is to develop with the existing to create volume, brighness, and to harmonize all the place is warm and inviting . Here are some key advice for your property is the height of your client.
  • It is essential that it’s welcoming. What greater disappointment to arrive in a dirty apartment , bed not done, messy bathroom, your clients will just want to leave the place and go back home and forget about this vacation, or to take steps to rent elsewhere.
  • Make changes to allow as much brightness enter the room , the place to be clutter free and welcoming. Clutter out the apartment from your outdated accessories and personal accessories, we must make room and the place breathe.
  • Replace your accessories with something with potential, durable and fresh. You can buy some trendy accessories for example: new cushions, curtains and bedspreads. The challenge is a finding functional and tasteful layout that works and that will appeal to a broad customer base.
  • Repair major defects, not always necessary to do major renovations but repair minor defects. For example: mirrors worn or cracked, yellow wall, chipped ceramic, inoperable appliance , worn out furniture, holes and discolored towels ect….
  • Remember that especially the people who are renting, wherever you are keep the image of your destination, people like to be bewildered

    Here are some realization.

Befoer-after at Cabarete



Martine Design

 Before-After bedroom, Ocean-dream,home-staging at Cabarete

Martine Design


Martine Design  Photo; Anne Casale


Martine Design img-10

Martine Designtimthumb (1)

Martine designimg-13

Martine Design9

 Martine design

accessories with potential

Martine Design Cushion

Martine Design  Photo; Sabine Jeager

Caribbean home accessories cushions

Ivad Home & decor


Martine Design


Martine Design

Do not hesitate to contact me for a home-staging or rent-staging, investment thatwill be worth every penny, I guarantee you.