I have often get inspired by the standard studio and today I stopped on this beautiful apartment located in Amsterdam; in an old school completely renovated by architect Jurjen Van Hulzen. The historical school was 100 years old and it has now been transformed in 10 apartments by Casa Architecten. This apartment can accommodate a family of 2 adults and 3 children. Despite the limited space the architect has managed to create a very functional apartment and super charming. I particularly like the living room; the space is large and brings out a breath of freshness. The materials are simple but well chosen; plywood, the concrete floor and cast iron. The colors are a mix of natural Plywood white, some black and gray, giving it an industrial-style apartment, with Scandinavian and warm accessories. Today more and more space is limited, we have to do with what we get. Here I found that every room has practical storage or drawers, open shelves and cabinet, storage space where nothing is hidden, purposely to show our objects, for the past couple of years everything is designed to be seen, any object can be design or trendy.

I hope these pictures will please you as much as they did to me.


Old school renovated in Amsterdam

Old school renovated in Amsterdam

Old school renovated in apartment in Amsterdam

apartment in Amsterdam






Photography; Standard studio