Today I want to talk to you about my client Nathaly and a recent Online Design Coaching session with her. This will give you a better idea of how the whole process works.

 Nathaly lives in Bahrain where she designs and manufactures beautiful pillows. She’s opening a new showroom and needed some design advice, so we had our first appointment via Skype. During the first appointment I ask a series of questions: what are your needs? What are your hoping to achieve? What is your budget? etc. We discuss these items and whatever else arises.

 Nathaly needed a desk space to work, a lounge area to receive clients and artisans and an area to show her collection of pillows. As her budget was limited, we decided the best option for her was a simple consultation, a Mood Board, color consultation and shopping list.

 Design shops are rather rare in Bahrain, so we had IKEA and Potterry Barn to work with. Fortunately Nathaly has a local carpenter she has worked with many times, so we were able to discuss some pieces that she could have made – which is great because she loves to encourage local craftspeople.

With this information in hand, I could begin my work. First I envision the space as a whole, design floor plan whig furniture placement, choose colors, etc.I then pulled a selection of furniture and created a few mood boards for Nathaly to see.



Given Nathaly’s budget and easy acces to Ikea, here is the selection of furniture that I chose for her.
Following my conversation with my client, I understood the colors she wanted for her showroom. My suggestion was to paint all the walls beige, except for the ceiling and the back wall, I chose black for a dramatic effect.

I also proposed a very clean line, minimal storage system for her to display her collection of pillows.

Working with two beautiful round frames, I suggested that she paint a circle on the wall to pull the pieces together in an artful way. 


Here are the photos I received from Nathaly after the transformation.



Discover Nathaly’s beautiful pillows collection here: Yalla Habibi 


I hope this has helped you to get a clearer idea of my work and my process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your own Design Consultation.

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